Warranty policy

International Warranty – Terms & Conditions 

Safari Industries (India) Limited provides warranty to the first purchaser or gift recipient of the travel gear (‘Product’) from the date of purchase of the Product for the period specified in the authorized Warranty Card. 

In the unlikely event that a problem occurs with a your Product, within the warranty period, as a result of defect in materials or workmanship, we will, at our discretion, replace / repair it, in accordance with the warranty terms & conditions stated herein. In the course of normal handling, your Product may suffer abrasions, cuts, scratches, dents or soil, which are not a part of the warranty claim. Certain component parts such as wheels, zippers, trolleys, fabric etc. will show wear & tear and eventually may need to be refurbished or replaced. This wear & tear is not covered under the warranty. This warranty applies when the Product is used under normal conditions and for the purpose in which the product was designed. 

Please note that this warranty is not unconditional. 

This warranty does not cover: 

i. Defects not reported timely to the Company within the said warranty period 

ii. Damages caused by misuse (such as transportation of unusual items other than personal belongings and/or has extraordinary weight), abuse, accidents, mishandling, negligence, unauthorized repair, tampering, loss of components or accessories, exposure to extreme heat & temperatures, solvents, acids, rain/water. 

iii. Powder coating, gold plating, wood finish on locks, frames, channels, and all other metallic surfaces. 

iv. Replacement/repair of briefcase folios and suitcase divider flaps. 

v. Damages such as zip bursts, cracks, dents and scratches to any of the components, tearing of inner lining or any other fabrics. 

vi. Incidental & consequential damages, such as damage to, or loss of use or time or similar expenses. 

vii. Damage to the leather trimmings. 

viii. Labour charges and damages attributable to work performed by anyone other than Safari. 

ix. Damages caused by mishandling and abuse in transit. 

The warranty card is valid only if it is filled in, duly signed & stamped by Safari Authorized dealer/store/outlet. To avail warranty services, the warranty card and the original invoice for the purchase must be produced along with the defective Product. 

The warranty is applicable across the globe in more than 200+ countries. The customer is, however, responsible for all efforts & costs of getting the defective Product to Safari including, but not limited to, the cost & efforts of packaging, shipping & applicable taxes. 

To Claim Warranty: 

CLICK HERE to register your Warranty Claim. Reach out to Safari Call Centre Number 080 691 48000 to get the Warranty Claim Link.                              

 Submit below details/Images on the above link.

  • Front image of the bag.
  • Date of Purchase.
  • Invoice copy.
  • Warranty card copy.
  • Clear images of the Defective product.
  • Complete postal address with pin code to receive the replacement, in case of approval.

Submit below details/Images To Claim Warranty if already registered digitally:

  • Clear Defect image.
  • Complete postal address with pin code to receive the replacement, in case of approval.

Safari will replace or repair the defective Product (deemed defective as per the terms and conditions of the warranty) within a reasonable period of time, at its own discretion. The company respectfully reserves the right to determine the nature of the defects, whether or not the problem is covered by Safari’s warranty and the applicability of the warranty. 

For the purpose of product replacement, manufacturing specifications are subject to change without prior notice. If the product is to be replaced and the product is discontinued or no longer available, or, if the product is to be repaired and the spare parts of that particular model are not available, Safari, at its discretion, will offer a comparable or equivalent product at a special price. 

Any disputes arising out of the applicability/usage of this warranty card is subject to Indian laws and the courts at Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction.